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NEWS FLASH – My short story LOST, included in the 2023 Connecticut Literary Anthology published by Woodhall Press, has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize! Go to to order copy of the anthology.

Read opening excerpt of my story below....




      A hand, a leg, an eye, a lip, a cock. The parts of man I see at night. I came here to be alone and was alone—then, too alone. They keep coming and coming and I keep coming and it’s too much but it’s not enough and I can’t tell the difference between them anymore. They save me and condemn me to life.

      They feed me, wash me, bring me each day. I warm myself in their desire. I move through worlds and worlds– no life has ever been so fully lived as mine. I am lost.

       And they are lost too but don’t know it at first. They try to leave, just like I did. They make a big deal out of saying goodbye. They open the door, look back, wave, then disappear into the snowy woods. But sooner or later they return and pretend to be angry. They tell me they’re trapped, that they can’t find their way out. They blame this on me, accuse me of casting some sort of spell over them, but I haven’t.

        The woods have closed their doors.  

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